Quality & sustainablity

We believe in buying less often, buying better quality, buying what you love, and then keeping, caring and repairing.

Parasol leaning against a garage
Chopped wood stacked outside a garage
made for life

From our hardwood frames that can be sanded and re-treated when needed, to last year after year against the elements, to the highest quality fabrics that are mould-resistant and guaranteed against fading, we make sure that when you choose a parasol for your garden, it will bring you pleasure for many years.

the frame

Eucalyptus hardwood

Eucalyptus wood is an extremely strong and naturally durable hardwood. With its high oil content, it resists decay, rot and insect damage. To help nature along, we treat all wooden parts of the frame with two coats of matt, clear waterproofing oil.

To further toughen the mast pole and the hub, these go through a lamination process, which doubles their strength and resistance to warping.

Occasional cleaning and resealing is all that's needed to maintain the wooden frame.

Coupled with rust-resistant, marine-grade stainless steel fittings, individual arms can be replaced if someone gets too heavy handed.

Up close of a wooden parasol arm
our fabrics

All about the shade, not the fade

Our luxury parasols are made from the highest quality fabrics, sourced from Europe and across the world.

We could work with cheaper fabrics, but no one wants to spend excessive time thinking about the upkeep of furniture kept in the garden. It should look great, and stay looking great, without too much intervention.

You can enjoy your parasol with the peace of mind that all of the fabrics we use (whether house styles or designer collaborations) were created for outdoor use. They are all water, mould and fade resistant.

blue and white parasol in an orchard
the canopy

Durable by design

All of our designs feature a storm vent to allow gusts to pass through easily, plus reinforced corner pockets, to minimise chances of the fabric tearing.

The canopies are easy to remove either for cleaning, storing, or changing designs.

If you like to change up the look of your garden every now and then, you can buy just a replacement canopy, rather than buying a full new parasol frame. 

minimising waste

Ultra limited edition

For our first collection in 2024, we'll be making a maximum 25 of each design. This will allow us to be hands on with every detail of production, and also minimise waste of potentially unsold stock.

We'll also work on bespoke parasol orders, knowing that everything we make has a home to go to.

If you'd like to be first to know when new stock batches drop, please sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of this page.

sewing machine sewing a parasol with blue fabric
our makers

Heritage & skills

Whilst we may be a newer business, we have sought out and work with makers who have decades of experience manufacturing high quality parasols. They have been fundamental in not only making our products, but shaping our designs, with their experience and know-how. First and foremost we knew what we wanted our parasols to look like. Our makers brought our attention to everything that could go wrong with their functionality. We worked together to make a finished product that delivers on both form and function.


Where we're at so far

Being a truly circular or sustainable business is a journey, and as we started Plia Parasols, we tried to set off on the right foot.

Firstly, we've designed our product to be long lasting and totally repairable, with with spare parts available for 100% of the parasol. Because buying less often is the no1 thing we can do to lighten our load on the environment.

Even as tastes change, your parasol can be updated, rather than replaced.

Secondly, we're focused on minimising waste at every step of production and aim to work with partners who also demonstrate care and consideration for the environment. For example, the workshop that makes our frames uses the wood shavings and saw dust to fuel the kiln that dries the raw wood and to create electricity for the machines. They also have solar panels to reduce their reliance on the grid even further.

We're driven to create a better product, both in style, and sustainability. We'll continue making improvements, year on year. To keep abreast of our changes and everything new, please sign up to our newsletter below.

Luxury fabric from Italy
Sewn in England
3+ years fade-resistant
Luxury fabric from Italy
Sewn in England
High performace fabric from France
Sewn in England
5+ years fade-resistant
Designer fabric made in England
Sewn in England
3+ years fade-resistant
Stainless steel
Made in England
To fit 38mm pole
High performace fabric from Spain
Sewn in England
5+ years fade-resistant
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Bleach cleanable & machine washable
Strengthened for wind
Machine washable
Strengthened for wind